13 Juli 2012

Informasi T4nte Girang di Jakarta

Berikut saya akan mengulas tentang informasi tante girang dijakarta | no hape tante girang jakarta Nih foto - fotonya...




1.Sydney 2000
Location in Glodok jaya, city ...
Nice place, many abg, steady music ..

2.Club 36
Location in Jayakarta Tower ..
places are huge, first fit the opening, it 'rame, just ane
come once wrote.

Crown 3.Golden
Location on plaza Glodok lt.F1 Pinangsia 7-8-9
here quite crowded and many of his abg especially on Sundays
if you want to search for here recommend abg

4.Sands karaoke & disco
Location in m2 square .. tp now closed UDH
ane used to come only 5 x wrote, and less absorbed in his music

Location in elephant mada tower near the cinema
Ane often come first and always on the table .. 76
good music, pretty girls, and have special memories for the ane.

Locations in lokasari
place less yum, an krn former cinema, tp atmosphere quite okay

The location of the south door
place is not big enough, its a lot wp ..
ane only 2 x come was also invited ama on his DJ

Locations near miles
ane aja come here only once
Pretty big place

9.Barcelona karaoke / club now Bins
Location in lokasari close above the first independent Kentucky
ane was often really come to this karaoke, kayak sdh own home
UDH all like family

10.Monggo mas
Location in Jalan Hayam Wuruk near the stadium / Holland bakery
where does a small, decent music and teruitama tp wpnya ..
ane used to frequent hangout here, there is also room tuk .. exe and wpnya abg.
huge collection of ane let exe

Location near monggo mas Hayam Wuruk
3x's just less fun here .. krn

12.Sedam night
Front location monggo mas
Small place and there is also room tuk exenya

13.Top 10
Location parallel ama tuberose
Small place there is also room tuk exenya ..

Locations in Batavia hotels
been a few times here, the music pretty and tasty tewntunya cewenya

15.1001 club
Location on plaza Hayam Wuruk
where the hell quite a bit quiet duluy weaktu tp ane come.

16.Raja mas
Location in Hayam wurul Lindeteves
ane only 6 x mas there and now the king of the new atmosphere UDH
different as before

The location of the hotel princespark lokasari
UDH ga now exists, not very big place .. tp cozy music.

18.99 and antique
Location in the beautiful city p.jayakarta
This little place tp kl recomend want to find a girl ..
ane ever looking for girls and check in here(sumber)
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